CFUW demonstrates that women working together can be a powerful source of change. Through our network of more than 100 Clubs across Canada working within their local communities, and supported by our regional and provincial councils, the CFUW national office and Women Graduates International (formerly called International Federation of University Women), we are helping build a more equitable world for women and girls. Together we are facilitating positive change locally, provincially, nationally and internationally so that the human rights of all girls and women are respected. Ultimately we envision a world where poverty is reduced, discrimination and violence eliminated, and where women and girls are fully able to realize their potential through equal opportunities for education, leadership and employment.

Our initiatives are wide-ranging from our vibrant network of creative, dynamic and committed women. We offer lifelong learning opportunities for our own members. We engage governments – municipal, provincial and federal. Our advocacy campaigns focus on social and economic issues affecting women’s quality of life and career prospects. Individual Clubs work with local educational institutions, women’s shelters, harm and risk reduction organizations and other community groups on specific projects and fund-raising initiatives. Clubs administer local scholarship and bursary programs and host a variety of events designed to promote awareness about the challenges faced by women, their families and communities, ranging from access to child care, preventing violence and helping women with health challenges.

CFUW White Rock/Surrey sponsored a community forum about bullying among school-aged children, young adults and their parents. Integral to the discussion was the serious lasting problems for kids who are bullied and those who bully others. To start a conversation about bullying, CFUW White Rock/Surrey used the story of the destruction by vandals of the above pictured horse sculpture called Tattoo.

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