CFUW 100th Anniversary - 2019

CFUW will have been in existence for 100 years in 2019. To celebrate the anniversary, a number of projects and awards are planned which are outlined below.

Notable Women Award(2019)

One hundred awards will be given to members of the Canadian Federation of University Women who have made outstanding contributions within CFUW and/or to the wider community; locally, nationally, or internationally in the fields of Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Political Engagement, Organizational Leadership, Cultural Endeavours, or Social Innovation. The award will be given to each recipient in the form of a limited edition 100th anniversary gold pin.

Recipients shall be:

  1. Women who are current members of CFUW
  2. Women who have made contributions within the aims and objectives of CFUW.
  3. Women who have been recognized for sustained efforts over a period of time and have made a distinct and describable difference in their communities.

Distribution of Awards
To endeavour to make the distribution of awards as equitable as possible throughout Canada, the number of awards will be proportionate to the number of members per Region. Detailed information regarding number of nominations per club is stated below.

For more information and the application form(s)


CFUW will re-submit its application in 2017 as per Canada Post policy.

History Plaque

Parks Canada Agency, Government of Canada, will erect a plaque acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of CFUW. The exact location of the plaque will be announced later.

100th Anniversary Scholarship Project

To celebrate CFUW’s support of women’s studies since 1919, Clubs, Councils and members have been invited to award, at both the local and national level, an additional $100,000 in scholarships and awards during the anniversary year. To date $31,000 has been donated to the CFUW Charitable Trust for additional fellowships in 2019.

History Projects

Biographies of Past Presidents

As part of the CFUW 100th Anniversary, histories of all CFUW Past Presidents have been prepared and are available on the Member Resource website.

The biography of Dr. Margaret (Stovel) McWilliams, who was the first president of CFUW was released at the 2015 AGM in Quebec City and is found here

For a list of past presidents, please click here

History of CFUW Project

A writer has been hired to prepare a history of the 100 years of CFUW and a record of its efforts in advancing equality for women and girls. While pieces of the CFUW history have been done, there are gaps and no comprehensive history exists. The publication will be available in 2019.


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100th Anniversary Pin

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Scholarship Project

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Past President Biographies

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