CFUW 1989 École Polytechnique Commemorative Awards
2018-2019 Total Value: $12,000

One (1) award of $7,000 for doctoral level study and one (1) award of $5,000 for masters study

Commemorates the fourteen women students murdered at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. For graduate studies in any field. The applicant must justify the relevance of her work to women.

2017-2018 Winners


B.Sc. Biology, 2016, University of British Columbia
M.Sc. Experimental Medicine, 2016-2018, University of British Columbia

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia. Although 564,000 Canadians, of which 65% are women suffer from dementia, no treatments exist. A number of studies have confirmed the correlation between olfactory deficits and AD. Olfactory deficits are known to develop early in Alzheimer’s patients, and worsen as the disease progresses. Ms. Parvand’s project is focused on understanding the underlying mechanisms of olfactory deficits in AD, in the hopes of finding novel targets for future therapies.


B.A. (Honours) Health Sciences, 2009, Simon Fraser University
M.Sc. Health Sciences, 2011, Simon Fraser University
Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies (Public Health/Psychiatry), 2011-2018, University of British Columbia

Women who are homeless represent a hidden population who are highly vulnerable to a multitude of profound physical and mental health risks. Faith’s research is bridging domains of public health and psychiatry to advance knowledge of the complex inter-relationships between gender, violence and trauma, and homelessness. She is working with women from the landmark At Home/Chez Soi project on ‘Housing First’ in Canada as a unique opportunity to examine gender-based victimization in this hard-to-reach population.

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