Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA) Fellowship
2018-2019 Value: $6,000

The fellowship is open to candidates enrolled in studies in Human Ecology including Family and Consumer Sciences, at the masters or doctoral level. The applicant must be accepted or enrolled in a post-graduate program in Canada at the time of application.

The evolving studies in Human Ecology include: human nutrition, food science, housing/shelter and aesthetics, architecture, financial resource management, clothing and textiles, family relations, human sexuality, and human development.


2017-2018 Winner: ANDREA NORIEGA

Andrea Noriega


B.A. (Honours) Linguistics, 2010, Carleton University
M.A. Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies, 2013, Carleton University
Ph.D. Ecological Anthropology, 2015-2018, Carleton University

Andrea’s research explores Millennial Canadian’s perceptions of healthy eating and dietary advice. She is interested in how people of this generation define “healthy eating” and how they understand “choice”, “free will”, and the ability to make good “decisions” about food. Her work will consider the emotional and cultural dimensions of food and eating, and how they contribute to interpretations and applications of dietary advice. This research is expected to help inform public health policy and improve the way dietary advice is framed and communicated.

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