CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards
2018-2019 Total Value: $20,000

Two (2) awards at the masters level and two (2) for doctoral level study.

Dr. Alice E. Wilson, CFUW member, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the first woman to hold a professional position at the Geological Survey of Canada won the 1926 CFUW Travelling Fellowship. Awarded to mature students returning to graduate studies in any field after at least three years.

2017-2018 Winners:


B.N., 2010, University of Lethbridge
M.P.H. with Specialization in Nursing, 2016-2018, Lakehead University

Rochelle is focusing her research on accessibility and culturally appropriate care in relation to vulnerable populations including aboriginal, immigrants and homeless. She will examine current issues in the science and/or service of public health, so that she may gain experience through opportunities in any of the fundamental disciplines that underlie public health and have an understanding of health related decision making at the individual, population and government level.


Diploma in Film Production, 2003, Toronto Film School
M.F.A. Creative Writing, 2016-2018, University of Guelph

Radha is interested in exploring the effects of extreme trauma on a child’s psyche. In particular her research topic will address rape and a child’s ability to cope by analyzing the relationship between sexual assault at a young age and a life plagued with lack of self-worth and esteem. Also the reversal, that must happen in order for the said individual to resume living a happy, healthy and productive life. Radha intends to use this research to write a novel set in a fictional island, Exile From The Blue Isles that tells the story of Ajna, a ten-year old South Asian girl struggling to assimilate after moving to the Blue Isles and being attacked.


B.Sc. Human Biology (Honours), Specialist in Health and Disease, 2011, University of Toronto
M.Sc. Medical Biophysics, 2014, University of Toronto
M.D.-Ph.D. School of Medicine, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, 2016-2023, Queen’s University

At least 10% of healthy people >65 years old harbour a small, potentially pre-cancerous population of blood cells; such people are also at increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Elina is studying the interaction between inflammation and these mutated cells, with the goal of identifying potential preventative therapeutics that eliminate these cells and reduce the risks of negative health outcomes.


B.Sc. Biology (Honours), 2004, University of Prince Edward Island
M.Sc. Environmental Biology, 2007, University of Guelph
Ph.D. Environmental Studies, 2016-2020, York University

Victoria’s research will investigate reasons for bumble bee declines in Canada and assess the value of citizen science data from to explore broad-scale, ecological research questions in pollinator conservation. It will fill important knowledge gaps, improve conservation status assessments, recommend recovery actions, and influence policy for conservation actions for bumble bees and other pollinators that are critical for healthy, diverse ecosystems.

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