CFUW Creative Arts Award

The CFUW Creative Arts Award was created to promote interest and involvement in the creative arts by engaging audiences and inspiring discussion. The amount of the award is normally $4,000 and is set by the CFUW Charitable Trust budget. It is awarded biennially.

The next award will be presented in 2019.

The winners of the 2017 Award were the Shallaway Youth Choir and the School of Music at Memorial University.

The two organizations collaborated on a project called “Promoting inclusion and wellbeing through singing” for two newly formed community choirs – the Better Breathing Choir and Lauda.

The Better Breathing Choir offers a unique singing experience for adults with breathing difficulties to use singing to improve their health

Lauda is a part of the award-winning Shallaway Youth Choir. For children who are neuro-atypical, there are often few opportunities to participate in choirs because of the social, behavioural or cognitive challenges they face rather than lack of musical ability. Lauda provides the supports to enable participation.

Both choirs are supported by music therapists, health professionals, music and medical students.


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