CFUW 100th Anniversary - 2019

CFUW will have been in existence for 100 years in 2019. To celebrate the anniversary, a number of projects and awards are planned which are outlined below.










2019 is an exciting time for CFUW as we celebrate our first centennial.

During 2019, we will have the unique opportunity to tell our stories and to showcase the impact of CFUW in our accomplishments at the local, provincial, national and international levels. During 2019, CFUW is setting the stage for vibrant growth over the next century in its work on women's rights, education and social justice.

The slogan for the Anniversary is:  100 Years of CFUW - The Power of Women Working Together.

In addition to the Annual General Meeting to be held in Winnipeg in August at the same hotel as the founding meeting, there will be the Notable Women Awards, the Sage Awards, the unveiling of e CFUW plaque by the Government of Canada, the additional $100,000 to be given out for the 100th Anniversary Membership Campaign; the advocacy initiative for 2019 on Grandparents for Childcare; the publication of the CFUW History book, and a draw for two beautiful blue enamel pins that were created in 1924 for the third IFUW International Conference in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway, held Monday July 28th to Friday Aug 1st, 1924.

Notable Women Awards

One hundred awards have been given to members of the Canadian Federation of University Women who have made outstanding contributions within CFUW and/or to the wider community; locally, nationally, or internationally in the fields of Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Political Engagement, Organizational Leadership, Cultural Endeavours, or Social Innovation. The award given to each recipient is a limited edition 100th anniversary gold pin.

Click here to see the Notable Women Winners

History Plaque

Parks Canada Agency, Government of Canada, will erect a plaque acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of CFUW. The exact location of the plaque will be announced later.

100th Anniversary Scholarship Project

To celebrate CFUW’s support of women’s studies since 1919, Clubs, Councils and members have been invited to award, at both the local and national level, an additional $100,000 in scholarships and awards during the anniversary year.

History Projects

Biographies of Past Presidents

As part of the CFUW 100th Anniversary, histories of all CFUW Past Presidents have been prepared and are available on the Member Resource website.

The biography of Dr. Margaret (Stovel) McWilliams, who was the first president of CFUW was released at the 2015 AGM in Quebec City and is found here

For a list of past presidents, please click here

History of CFUW Book

Dr. Diane Dodd, a historian, has been hired to prepare a history of the 100 years of CFUW and a record of its efforts in advancing equality for women and girls. While pieces of the CFUW history have been done, there are gaps and no comprehensive history exists. The publication will be available in 2019.

Sage Awards

As part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations, CFUW is excited to introduce the Sage Awards, which will be awarded by each club to the current member who has the longest period of CFUW membership.  This is a way to recognize and celebrate the commitment and dedication of members who have been championing the CFUW's mission for decades.  These women will be honoured with a silver pin and certificate from the National Office to be given out by the individual participating Clubs.

The SAGE award winners will be announced at the 100th Anniversary celebrations at the AGM to be held in Winnipeg, August 15-17.  Further details on the Awards may be found on the Member Resource website.

100th Anniversary Toolkit and 100th Anniversary Membership Campaign Toolkit

The 100th Anniversary Toolkit and 100th Anniversary Membership Campaign Toolkit are found on the Member Resource website.


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100th Anniversary Pin

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Scholarship Project

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Past President Biographies

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