100th Anniversary Pin designed by Beverly Boudreau

CFUW Stamp Beverley Boudreau, formerly of UWC Winnipeg designed the 100th Anniversary Pin. Beverley is a proud long-time member of the CFUW, now living in Edmonton, Alberta. She holds Bachelor and Master's degrees in Geography from the University of Windsor in Ontario and a Diploma in Graphic Design and Communications from Douglas College in British Columbia. Beverley has worked for more than 35 years as a graphic designer, specializing in the creation of brand identities for post-secondary institutions, and for non-profit and charitable organizations. Her designs include logos, booklets, pamphlets, websites, and other means by which institutions and organizations communicate their values and activities. She has also illustrated children's books and educational materials, designed postage stamps, and created three dimensional presentations for museums and public service displays. She loves contributing to CFUW projects.


Beverly Boudreau

Below is Beverley’s explanation of the colours that she used in the design of the pin:

  • Colour is an integral part of non-verbal communication. We are often unaware of how pervasive and persuasive the effects of colour can be.
  • The colours for the 100th Anniversary pin were chosen based on the following:
    1. Red is imprinted on the human mind to connect with excitement and high energy. This is very appropriate for CFUW! It's a dynamic and stimulating colour choice for a dynamic and stimulating organization.
    2. Green is most often linked to nature and the shade chosen is fresh like the first buds of spring representing renewal and growth.
    3. Blue is perceived as a constant in our lives; it's reliable, trustworthy, dependable and committed. It inspires confidence. The "Communicator" blue was the shade that was used.
    4. Orange (or warm yellow) is linked to autumn's burnished foliage or vibrant sunsets. It radiates warmth and vitality. Research reveals we associate orange with being friendly, inviting and approachable.
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