Provincial and Regional Councils

CFUW has seven provincial and regional councils across Canada that host their own regional gatherings, take action on provincial issues, and coordinate other provincial/regional activities. The councils are a great source of connection, information, and training for Clubs and members, and just one of the many benefits of belonging to CFUW.

BC Council

BC Council is made up on 23 Clubs across the province. For more information, visit:

Alberta Council

Alberta Council is made up of five clubs across the province. For more information:

Saskatchewan Council

The Saskatchewan Council is made up of six Clubs across the province. The Saskatchewan Council meets annually in various locations to share information between clubs, host presentations/workshops focused on club enhancement, and key note speakers. The Saskatchewan Council also participates in the Prairie Gathering held once every two years.

For more information, contact: Margaret Hendry, RD Saskatchewan at

Ontario Council

The Ontario Council is made up of over 50 Clubs across the province. Several regional and provincial gatherings are held throughout the year to facilitate learning, connection and action in Ontario.

For more information:

Quebec Council

The Quebec Provincial Council consists of 5 Clubs across the province. The role of the Council meeting is to bring the clubs together for networking, to share and discuss successes and challenges, and feel connected to CFUW on a regional basis.

For more information:

Atlantic Regional Council

The Atlantic Regional Council was formed in 1988 to help improve communication, cooperation, and friendship among CFUW Clubs in the four Atlantic provinces, and to promote the policies and programs of CFUW. The Council Executive consists of 13 Clubs across the Atlantic region. The Annual General Meeting is held in the autumn each year, in conjunction with a Regional Conference hosted by one of the clubs.

For more information:

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